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Wellness & Performance Memberships

Dumbell weight rack and medicine balls at Leslieville Kinesiology


Leslieville Kinesiology offers three separate memberships to help you achieve and exceed your health, wellness, fitness and performance goals.  From cardiac rehabilitation, to weight management, to diabetes control, to blood pressure (hypertension) regulation, to marathon running or triathlon training, we have a program for you!  All programs are designed to ensure you meet the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology’s recommended 150 minutes per week of physical activity. All are implemented by a Registered Kinesiologist and qualify as a deductible medical expense through Revenue Canada and/or may be covered by your extended health plan.

Maintenance - $235.75 / month (plus H.S.T.)

Leslieville Kinesiology’s Maintenance program is designed for anyone in good health wanting to maintain their healthy state.  This program consists of: 

ONE MONTHLY individual physical evaluation of functional movement in order to ensure your monthly activity program is tailored to your individual health, wellness, and fitness goals

THREE WEEKLY small group training sessions 

Management - $319.75 / month (plus H.S.T.)

Leslieville Kinesiology’s Management program is designed for anyone looking to make a change in their health or performance status.  This program is perfect for anyone who has been advised by their family physician to address health issues, or for athletes looking to improving their performance in their specific sport through strength and conditioning.  This program consists of:

ONE BI-WEEKLY individual physical evaluation of functional movement to measure your progress and to ensure your program is tailored to your unique status or athletic needs 

THREE WEEKLY small group training sessions

Intervention/Performance - $487.75 / month (plus H.S.T.)

Leslieville Kinesiology’s Intervention/Performance program is designed for serious athletes looking to enhance their sport-specific performance through a supportive conditioning program.  These same principles also apply to anyone with multiple or serious health issues in need of immediate and supervised exercise prescription.  This program consists:

ONE WEEKLY physical evaluation in order to monitor you physically and direct your conditioning and/or rehabilitative exercise program 

THREE WEEKLY small group training sessions